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The Drug Classroom

TDC Book List

Here are the books currently in TDC’s library. I don’t agree with or endorse all of the information in these texts. They provide some of the information that is used on the site. Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond (Amazon) Author: Martin A. Lee Published: 1985 (Revised in […]

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Thank you to everyone who contributes to The Drug Classroom. If you’d like to support TDC on Patreon, you can do so here. Supporters Adrian Selnes Ame McLetame Audrey & Abby Ben Grubb Ben Shipp Brian Henry Charlie Quigley Christian Wiens D’Agnolo Dane Overman Dragonhax Eriberto Vargas Eyal Rosen Ferre Tahon Ikaros Jake Bradford Jarrod o’connell Jeison […]

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