Q&A 8 – Microdosing, Methylphenidate Safety, & Nootropics


In this video I discuss psychedelic microdosing, nootropics, and the safety of occasional methylphenidate use.


  • 00:12
    • “I’ve been hearing research into microdosing on LSD. What are the pros and cons of it, potential safety, how do you ensure you’re taking the right dose in an unregulated market, if it can cause hallucinations and if so to what degree, and what age recommendations does this come with. And if it can’t cause hallucinations, is it safe to drive or not?”
  • 02:24
    • “Which nootropics have you tested? Are the legal/non-prescription ones worth looking in to?”
  • 03:47
    • “Why haven’t you made a video on cannabis yet?”
  • 04:33
    • “Xanax and all them pharmaceuticals steal peoples minds.”
  • 05:25
    • “I have two Concerta pills, but I don’t have ADHD. Is is safe for me to take them? Am I going to get addicted or have long-term effects? By the way, I sometimes feel depressed.”