Q&A 7 – Adderall Safety, Formaldehyde VS PCP, & Harmala Alkaloids


In this video I discuss adderall’s safety, how PCP isn’t the same as formaldehyde, and the classification of harmala alkaloids, among other things.


  • 00:13
    • “In your opinion, what’s the safest psychedelic to take psychologically?”
  • 01:20
    • “Based on your life experiences, if you had to choose only one drug to take in your entire life, what would it be?”
  • 01:51
    • “Is Adderall safe to use? My concentration and focus are weak, and I want to study harder and more than before?”
  • 02:55
    • “Formaldehyde is or is not PCP?”
  • 03:19
    • “Harmala alkaloids, harmine and harmaline, are not MAOIs. They are RIMAs. There are similarities but they are not the same. MAOIs are far riskier and last longer. Please cover that in a video about ayahuasca.”