Q&A 6 – DMT Myths & Modafinil’s Pharmacology


In this video I discuss meth vs amphetamine, LSD’s connection to brain damage, and drug manufacturers/sellers receiving the death penalty, among other things.


  • 00:21
    • “There’s no evidence that the DMT myths are actually ‘myths.'”
  • 01:26
    • “I’d like to know the difference between meth and speed.”
  • 02:29
    • “Is LSD capable of causing brain damage? I’m worried about it affecting my intelligence.”
  • 03:18
    • “If modafinil and armodafinil inhibit reuptake at the dopamine receptor, does that make them loose anti-psychotics?”
  • 03:57
    • “Anyone caught making PMMA/PMA should receive the death penalty by it’s administration.”
  • 05:15
    • “I’ve heard that DXM use with bupropion can be risky because they are both metabolized with the same metabolic enzyme. What is your opinion on this?”