Q&A 18 – YouTube Restricting TDC


In this video I discuss YouTube age-restricting some of the channel’s content. I also talk about combining cannabis with MDMA, the Silk Road case, and buprenorphine as a treatment for opioid addiction.

  • 00:19
    • YouTube is restricting TDC
  • 02:09
    • “I realized you took down your DXM video. Why did you do that and are you planning on reuploading it?”
  • 02:51
    • “Is smoking cannabis on MDMA bad? It makes the experience psychedelic but it also makes me kind of braindead.”
  • 03:39
    • “Portugal is the perfect role model for prohibition. They legalized all drugs and legalization is a win-win for all.”
  • 04:50
    • “I really hope there’s a way for the whole of america to stand up and get Ross Ulbricht out of prison. Prohibition needs to end and everyone who’s fallen victim to it for non violent crimes should be pardoned & released.”
  • 06:35
    • “If you think buprenorphine saved your life, you’re high.”