Q&A 17 – My Ideal Drug Policy, Kratom Overdoses (& More)


In this video I discuss safe amphetamine use, my ideal drug policy, the fatal overdose potential of kratom, and more.

  • 00:16
    • “How problematic would using under 20 mg of amphetamine twice per week be?”
  • 01:02
    • “I’m curious what your ideal drug policy would be. If America does legalize all drugs, how do you think we should go about it? Should they be sold everywhere and be available to everyone, or should there be regulations? And do you agree with mandatory education for consumers?”
  • 02:57
    • “Hi, why don’t you make a video about heroin?”
  • 03:19
    • “You can’t even OD on kratom, if you took way too much you’ll feel nauseous.”
  • 05:03
    • “Rapid withdrawal [of quetiapine] causes all the problems the drug is professionally prescribed to affect.”