Q&A 15 – Brain Hemorrhages From 4-FA, My Favorite Podcasts


In this video I discuss my favorite podcasts, 4-FA brain hemorrhages, and the neurotoxicity of stimulants, among other things.

  • 00:19
    • “I’m loving these podcasts. Do you know of any others with similar subjects?”
  • 01:44
    • “DMT has been proven a spirit molecule by releasing the light within the pineal gland and making it ring.”
  • 01:56
    • “Don’t real stimulants, like placebo, also make you think you’re performing better?”
  • 02:39
    • “Several people in the Netherlands have experienced brain hemorrhages after taking 4-FA, it was on the news a while ago. It’s a designer drug, so who knows what it does.”
  • 03:50
    • “Listening to Seth’s voice, his cadence, and his verbal mannerisms, I’ve finally realized he’s the Sam Harris of drug-focused YouTubers.”
  • 04:50
    • “Meth is neurotoxic, right? Part of what MDMA is, is composed of meth, therefore it’s neurotoxic.”
  • 05:47
    • “Seth, concerning schizophrenia and psychedelics, what about the negating study by Teri Krebs. I’m pretty sure you know them, why didn’t you mention them in the video?”