Q&A 14 – Neurotoxicity Of LSD, Psychedelics Triggering Schizophrenia


In this video I discuss the apparent similarities between DEET and cathinone, the neurotoxicity of LSD, and differences between cocaine and methamphetamine, among other things.

  • 00:20
    • “I’ve noticed the structure of DEET is very similar to cathinone, could you do something about that?”
  • 00:52
    • “I always hate the 18-year-old thing. 21 is a much safer age, given that’s around when the brain is finished developing.”
  • 02:37
    • “What is more neurotoxic, MDMA (and analogs) or LSD (and analogs)?”
  • 03:37
    • “Any similarities between crack cocaine and methamphetamine? They seem to be similar with their effects.”
  • 04:38
    • “Seth, I love your channel, but I’ve got a question for you. Do you think doing psychedelics contributes to schizophrenia or causes schizophrenia?”