Q&A 13 – Alcohol’s Deadly Nature, MDMA vs. Methamphetamine


In this video I discuss alcohol’s alleged deadly nature, the impact of psychedelics on brain development, and the differences between MDMA and methamphetamine, among other things.

  • 00:18
    • “The world’s most deadliest drug is alcohol.”
  • 01:36
    • “Could you explain the difference between MDMA and methamphetamine, and whether they’re similar or not. I don’t feel like they’re the same, although the “fried” feeling is similar.”
  • 02:52
    • “We’re the same age, but I stopped taking psychedelics because I’m worried about my development. Do you know the effects common psychedelics have on brain development?”
  • 03:55
    • “I don’t understand why you’d take drugs for research. I mean, wouldn’t you worry about it all adding up? Also, have you done scopolamine?”
  • 04:34
    • “How do you answer the common drug bro question, “Doesn’t MDMA have meth in it.”