Q&A 12 – Krokodil, Dark Net Markets


In this video I discuss the impact of dark net markets, psychedelics for bipolar disorder, krokodil, and other topics.

  • 00:19
    • “I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on dark net markets and how you think they’ll change in the the near future.”
  • 01:49
    • “Do you know of any study with psychedelics for people with bipolar disorder?”
  • 02:35
    • “Is there a video about krokodil yet? I wonder because there’s been a lot of confusion about it. Everything related to krokodil has been attached to desomorphine and codeine. But as you certainly know, desomorphine and codeine are precursors. I’d be glad if you could provide some clarification.”
  • 04:02
    • “I don’t think this guy has ever taken a hit of DMT. Yes, it is the spirit molecule. Stop reading mate and start smoking.”
  • 06:17
    • “Taking natural stuff like cacti and mushrooms seems like a much safer way to go than using research chemicals.”