Q&A 11 – Gray Death, Attenuating Bad Trips


In this video I discuss attenuating negative LSD experiences, ADHD vs. ADD, the “gray death” opioid story, and other topics.

  • 00:19
    • “I have ADHD and I’m taking methylphenidate, but I don’t like it. I’ve tried Adderall before, but my doctor thinks Adderall is like “meth.” Should I try to get modafinil?”
  • 01:05
    • “When did you try your first illegal drug and what drug was it? And when did you try alcohol for the first time?”
  • 01:24
    • “Is there a way to abort an LSD trip if it starts going bad? I read in Heaven and Hell that “A person under the influence of mescaline or lysergic acid will stop seeing visions when given a large dose of nicotinic acid.””
  • 02:30
    • “Is there a difference between ADHD and ADD?”
  • 03:42
    • “It’s a shame as a society we continue to refer to natural plant and mushroom species as drugs.”
  • 04:36
    • “Have you heard of the new “Gray Death” opioid cocktail that’s going around? I think it’s a ploy to get U-47700 or whatever it’s called banned.”