Q&A 10 – Cannabis For Addiction & Insomnia Aids


In this video I discuss cannabis’ role in addiction treatment, insomnia aids, and modafinil for ADHD.

  • 00:25
    • “Do you think cannabis can help with addiction treatment?”
  • 01:19
    • “I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any new videos from you for a while now. Searched your channel and found out YouTube unsubbed me.”
  • 01:47
    • “What are the healthier zopiclone alternatives that you speak of? Right now the only thing that has helped my chronic headaches, caused by sleep deprivation, is Zopiclone or good sleep in general. I know it’s dangerous and I’m seeking alternatives any help is appreciated.”
  • 02:55
    • “So, when listed, which drugs have you used? Practically everyone’s had caffeine, you mentioned some nicotine and salvia, you’re over 21 I believe, so it’s likely you’ve had some alcohol, cannabis, maybe others. Do you care to share them?”
  • 04:05
    • “I have ADHD so should I use modafinil?”