Oxycodone is a popular member of the opioid class. It is widely used in medical settings for acute and chronic pain. Outside of those settings, it has long been used recreationally, with its effects compared to morphine and heroin.

The drug is sold either on its own or in combination with acetaminophen (primarily). When acetaminophen is present, the dose must be limited. The general recommendation is to avoid using over 1,000 mg at once or 3,000 mg per day.

An oxycodone overdose can be very dangerous and even deadly, with a notably problematic effect being respiratory depression. It is more risky when combined with other CNS depressants (e.g. benzodiazepines and alcohol.)

Oxycodone = OxyContin; OxyNeo; Percodan; Dihydrohydroxycodeinone; Percocet; Roxicodone; Eukodal; Dihydrone; Oxycodeinone

PubChem: 5284603

Molecular formula: C18H21NO4

Molecular weight: 315.369 g/mol

IUPAC: (4R,4aS,7aR,12bS)-4a-hydroxy-9-methoxy-3-methyl-2,4,5,6,7a,13-hexahydro-1H-4,12-methanobenzofuro[3,2-e]isoquinoline-7-one


Oral (medical)

Chronic range: 10 – 300 mg (normally under 50 mg)

Acute IR: 5 mg every 6 hours

Oral (IR)

Light: 2.5 – 10 mg

Common: 10 – 25 mg

Strong: 25 – 30 mg


Light: 2.5 – 5 mg

Common: 5 – 15 mg

Strong: 15 – 25 mg


Oral (IR)

Total: 4 – 6 hours

Onset: 00:10 – 00:30

Oral (CR)

Total: Up to 12 hours (often 6 – 10 hours)

Onset: ~ 00:30


Total: 3 – 5 hours

Onset: 00:01 – 00:10

Experience Reports


Test Results





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