Morphine is an opioid found in P. somniferum (making it an opiate) that produces analgesia, euphoria, and sedation. It has been used in the form of opium preparations for thousands of years.

For a couple hundred years, morphine has been used in its isolated form and other drugs have been synthesized from it. Along with being found in P. somniferum, morphine is an endogenous drug.

The euphoria it produces is often greater than what’s seen with other opioids and it’s similar to the euphoria produced by heroin. It offers a feeling of comfort, warmth, and love.

In an overdose, respiratory depression can occur, which can ultimately result in death. It’s dangerous to combine morphine with other depressants like alcohol, ketamine, and benzodiazepines.

Morphine = Avinza; Oramorph; MS Contin; Sevredol



Common: 15 – 25 mg

Strong: 30+ mg



Total: 4 – 6 hours

Onset: 00:10 – 00:30


Total: 3 – 4 hours

Onset: 00:10 – 00:30


Total: 1 – 2 hours (a little longer for IM)

Onset: A few seconds (longer for IM, resulting in less of a rush)

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