Etizolam is a benzodiazepine-like drug that provides sedation, euphoria, and anxiety-reduction. It has been used medically in some regions for issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and panic disorder.

The substance is currently used by many people in non-medical settings, with etizolam being purchased online.

Most of the issues with the drug arise from excessive sedation, memory loss, and disinhibition. If a high strong+ dose is used or it is combined with other depressants, it could be very physically dangerous.

Etizolam = Etilaam; Depas; Etizest; Sedekopan; Pasaden



Light: 0.5 – 1 mg

Common: 1 – 2 mg

Strong: 2 – 4+ mg



Total: 5 – 8 hours

Onset: 00:20 – 01:00

Experience Reports



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    I have been taking etizolam 1-3mg nightly for a few years for anxiety and helping sleep and it has been nothing but beneficial. However taking more then 4mg produces blackouts and memory loss
    be careful

    dj substance

  • Gerald flop

    what does JP stand for as in etizolam jp on my box and back of blister packs? also why does etizest 1mg work so much better than say etilaam 1mg?

  • Kevin

    How can you test Etizolam? Is there a test kit?

  • Joseph Hernandez

    How dangerous is Etizolam if you use .25