Amyl Nitrite


Amyl nitrite structureAmyl nitrite is a very short-acting drug that offers some psychoactive and sensation-enhancing effects. It works as a vasodilator and it decreases blood pressure. Because of its physical effects, muscle relaxation occurs, men may have an enhanced feeling of erection, physical sensations are enhanced generally, and there may be feelings of heat and excitement through the body.

Because of its sensation-enhancing and muscle relaxing properties, Amyl nitrite has been used to amplify sexual activity. Among the muscles it may relax are those around the anus and vagina.

It’s known for its “rushing” effect which includes some feelings of euphoria, excitement, and disinhibition that last for a short period.

Amyl nitrite is a member of the alkyl nitrite group, which also includes Butyl nitrite and Isobutyl nitrite.

Amyl nitrite = Poppers


The drug is inhaled by placing it near your nose. Unlike with many drugs, you don’t weigh out the amount you intend to use. Rather, a normal dose is breathing it in for 2-4 seconds.

It should not be taken orally due to significant safety issues.



Total: 3 – 5 minutes

Onset: Almost immediately

Strongest: During first minute

Experience Reports

Erowid (includes other nitrites)


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