Alpha-PVP StructureAlpha-PVP is a stimulant drug which has been used recreationally since around 2013. It’s an NDRI (norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor) and a member of the cathinone and pyrovalerone classes.

Its strong stimulant effects encourage physical activity and are accompanied by a euphoric body high and mental state.

While it may be more capable of causing temporary psychosis (like what’s seen with other stimulants), that risk primarily exists with very high strong+ doses. It’s a risk that needs to be taken into account and it’s a good reason to make sure you’re using a reasonable dose.

Deaths have been reported, though there aren’t many on record. The ones that have occurred are generally connected to high doses, combinations (e.g. with pentedrone), or the application of a physical stressor (e.g. restraint).

Alpha-PVP = a-PVP; a-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone; Alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone; Flakka; Gravel



Light: 5 – 10 mg

Common: 10 – 15 mg

Strong: 15 – 25 mg


Light: 1 – 5 mg

Common: 5 – 10 mg

Strong: 10 – 15 mg



Total: 2 – 5 hours


Total: 2 – 5 hours

Onset: 00:15 – 00:45

Strongest: 01:00 – 02:00

Experience Reports



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