2C-B is a psychedelic that was created in the 1970s. It’s a member of the 2C family (2C-E, 2C-I, etc) and along with having psychedelic effects, 2C-B has aphrodisiac qualities.

The sexual boost it offers occurs more with lower doses and it includes having your mind and body fill up with sexual feelings. An increase in pleasure from sexual activity has been reported.

Depending on the dose you use, 2C-B either offers largely body-centric and erotic effects or psychedelic effects.

While there hasn’t been much research into the drug and we don’t know how much can be used safely, it is considered one of the safer psychedelics. Using a common dose is still wise, however.

2C-B = 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine; Nexus; Eros



Light: 2 – 5 mg

Common: 15 – 25 mg

Strong: 25 – 50 mg


Light: 5 – 10 mg

Common: 10 – 20 mg

Strong: 20 – 30 mg



Total: 4 – 8 hours

Onset: 00:45 – 01:30

Strongest: 01:30 – 05:00


Total: 3 – 6 hours

Onset: 00:05 – 00:15

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  • jacek włodarczyk

    I really enjoyed your video on youtube but one thing still causes stress.
    Is 2C-B triggering amphetamine on drug test?
    Research on Erowid gave my only uncertainty.
    Thank you!
    And keep it up man you make great wideos!

    • I’m glad you like the content. 2C-B shouldn’t cause a false positive for amphetamine. Follow-up tests could exonerate you if it did, but I see no reason why it would lead to that result anyways.

  • Adam Colley

    My friend is on antidepressants, and I was wondering if 2C-B had the same negative effects as MDMA while on antidepressants, or if anything is known about mixing the two substances.
    Thanks 🙂